Bird Rock Pilates Celebrates One Year Anniversary in Bird Rock La Jolla

By March 5, 2014Pilates

White Light Pilates Celebrates One-Year Anniversary in Bird Rock La Jolla

I am excited to announce that this month marks our 1-year anniversary. It was a little over one year ago I told my husband that I wanted to leave my corporate job of over 16 years and open a Pilates studio.  Together we had some reservations and uncertainty but were excited about the idea of starting our own business. I vividly remember putting in the long hours remodeling the studio and making sure that the space was going to be different from other Pilates studio. A year and half later I feel humble and grateful with our decision and pleased that the vision I had for the studio has become a reality.

The studio has been revitalized by a diverse group of teachers. It is a pleasure to reach this 1-year mark with Amber Estrada, Hannah Snyder, Kelsey Beckman, and Melissa Minjarez all of who has been part of the teaching staff since the studio reopened in March 2013 and Korrie Sudweeks who recently joined our staff. I am so pleased by these exceptional group of teachers whosepassions for Pilates can be seen in their outstanding, high quality group classes and private sessions. They match my commitment for a high standard in customer service and assisting every client in meeting their goals. This year we will continue to strive for greater heights in our teaching experience through continuing education and personal exploration with our teaching styles.

Having practiced and teaching Pilates, I sincerely believe that Joseph H. Pilates was a genius. His life’s work lives on and helps all Pilates students reach balance in so many ways, helping us reach our goals and beyond. It is an honor for us to share and teach this work with incredibly enthusiastic clients. I am grateful for the passion and commitment our clients have for Pilates and our studio. And I LOVE that clients get as excited as we do when something clicks in their session.

I look forward to continuing to share Pilates with you all and celebrating this anniversary. This year we will add more fun promotions to encourage everyone to stick to a regimen. We will be adding some new toys to the studio and expanding some of services and classes. To thank everyone who has joined us on this journey we are celebrating by offering special promotions and give-aways to our existing and new clients this March!



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