Pilates + Friends = Fun Fitness!

By December 7, 2013Pilates


We live in a society where our time is valuable. A lot of us want to workout, but there are so many other things to do, places to be and people to see. But having a workout partner (or group of friends) can help you stay committed to fitness and has so many great benefits:

  • Support System – If you’re feeling challenged or losing steam during a workout, you can find empathy or encouragement with your partner.
  • Accountability – You are much less likely to skip out on a workout when someone is waiting on you.
  • Motivation – You are doing the same activity and want to accomplish the same thing.
  • Competition – A partner can provide healthy competition while keeping you within safe limits.

If you want to become more active, having a workout partner may help you achieve and maintain your fitness goal!

Success Story 1:
Every Wednesday morning, a group of women attend our Pilates Reformer Class. Not only do these women do Pilates together, they are long time friends who have common interests and goals. You can sense the camaraderie among them when you walk into their class. Since they started coming to our studio about 6 months ago, these ladies have significantly improved their mind-body awareness, balance, and muscular coordination. They are an amazing group of women and it’s been a privilege to have them at the studio!



Margaret, Carolyn, Sarah, Sue, and Kristen doing the Pilates Hundreds.

Success Story 2:
Every Wednesday afternoon, we have a Kids Pilates Mat Class for ages 6-10 year olds. Through interactive games and exercises, the kids are learning basic Pilates Mat exercises to increase physical strength, flexibility, concentration, and improve social and leadership skills. The class began with two sisters Thalia (aka Coach Chocolate) and Asha (Coach Strawberry) who were then joined by best friends Maegan (Coach Strawberry Milkshake), Finley (Coach Chocolate Milkshake) and Reagan (Coach Cherry). Yes…they even gave me an alias – Coach Banana. Not only are these girls enthusiastic to learn Pilates, but they are also excited to see their friends attend the class. During each class, the kids are given the opportunity to teach an exercise and it’s amazing to see how they support and encourage each other. It has been a pleasure teaching them as Coach Banana.



Reagan, Finely, Maegan, Asha, and Thalia doing the Pilates Teaser as a group.

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